Tanker recycling may hit a multi-decade high, says Dr. Anil Sharma, Founder & CEO of GMS in this Bloomberg article… https://t.co/NtwZMAF1uC


In honor of the first ship to be recycled in Bangladesh according to @IMOHQ HKC standards arriving today, take a lo… https://t.co/F67JlIKGla


In only 5 months, the EU Ship Recycling Regulation will have massive implications on the industry unless we ACT and… https://t.co/jknQIzT382


Bangladesh yards are well on their way to becoming HKC compliant...inspirational to see the South Asian ship-recycl… https://t.co/KsdkajQnnS


Declining markets in Southeast Asia, stability in Turkey and more industry commentary in this week's GMS Weekly at… https://t.co/Y6zabCfxrz


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